Interaktive Quizzes

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This is a demo page for my quiz script (page is in German).

  1. Matching Quiz (match pairs)
  2. Matching Quiz (match groups)
  3. Gap Fill Quiz
  4. Puzzle (made with the gap fill quiz mechanism)
  5. Memo Quiz
  6. Multiple Choice Quiz
  7. Word Jumble Quiz
  8. Crossword Quiz
  9. Word Search Puzzle
  10. Wordfind Quiz (Hangman Quiz)

Matching Quiz

Match the following items by dragging the green fields!

Biene bee
Birne pear
Glücksschwein piglet

Matching Quiz (match groups)

Match the following items with the right groups by dragging the green fields!

Insect bug bee ant moth
Fruit plum pear apple cherry banana
Animal for production sheep pig cattle  

Gap Fill Quiz

Fill the gaps by either typing the solution or by dragging the green fields over their placeholders!

A little bee | wasp (bee) flew to a pear (pear) and asked for directions to the little piglet | pig (piglet). No problem, said the pear (pear). Just follow the path to the left! Should you run into a problem on your way, simply (not complex) ask the next policeman!


With the gap fill quiz mechanism you can also create puzzles.


Memo Quiz

Find the corresponding fields!

pear pear pear
bee bee bee
piglet piglet piglet

Multiple Choice Quiz

The following questions can have more than one correct answer!

Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)(!Marco Polo)(!James Cook)

Which animal is a mammal? (!shark)(whale)(kangaroo)(!coal tit)(mouse)(!bee)

Alexander The Great was (!Persian) (!Greek) (Macedonian) (!Arab) (!Egyptian)

Word Jumble Quiz

Type in the correct words!

The early bird catches the worm.

The internet is a world-wide net of interconnected computers.


Crossword Quiz

Click on a numer in the grid to be given a hint and the possibility to enter a solution!

garden area with plants and flowers designed for enjoyment
mosquito a nasty insect
tree a big bunch of this plant makes woods
sun a light source only available during daytime
wind air movement that can change the weather
flower general term for 'blooming plant'
apple certain fruit growing on trees
pig animal which is kept for its meat
rudolph a famous reindeer's name
horse animal used for transportation

Word Search Puzzle

Find the words! The words must be longer than 4 characters or else they are coincidental!


Wordfind Quiz (Hangman Quiz)

Guess the words by typing in the necessary letters!

All the words deal with animal and insects.